Birthday Messages For Sister

Birthday Messages For Sister

Take a look at these birthday messages for sister.  I hope that you enjoy adding them to a birthday card or 40th party invitation.

favorite birthday messages for sister
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 Happy Hello

Happy 40 and hello, hello.
Now that you’re older, glad you have lots of dough instead of being ‘po.
You are as beautiful as new fallen fresh snow.
So what, you’re 40 – let it go, let it go.

Your’re 40, Oh No

You’re 40, oh no!
Look out below.
You’re body will start sagging from head to toe.
As your older sister, I already know.
But a little Botox, can fix the feet called crows.
In spite of it all and even though,
I’ll always love my little yo.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Big Sister

To my older Sister,
You have always shown me the way.
Thank you.
Tested the waters first with Mom and Dad.
Thank you.
Helped me to navigate with what I could get away with.
Thank you.
And simply, you have always been there for me.
Thank you and I love you.

Happy Birthday Big Sister.

Add one of these birthday sentiments to a scrapbook or photo collage for your Sister.  Continue reading for more birthday message ideas to make your sister’s day special and memorable.

Just Imagine

Happy Birthday little Sister.
Geez – so, what’s it feel like turning 40.
As your older sister, I know how it makes me feel.
Just imagine what it feels like to be Mom and Dad today?
Happy Birthday to my little Sister who’s turning the big 4 0.

Oh, Oh, Oh

Oh, Oh, Oh.
My Sister’s turning the big 4 0.

It’s Not so Bad

Dear Sister
Dip your toe into the big 4 0.
It’s not so bad, if there’s a good plastic surgeon you know.

Who Knew?

Mow, mow, mow your nose,
Shave, shave, shave your toes,
Why it happens, I just don’t know.
Just laugh and let it go.

 Who knew that turning 40 makes hair grow in weird places.

My Favorite A-Lister

My birthday messages for Sister,
You are my favorite A-lister,
Too bad the Jimmy Choos give you blisters,
You’re still gorgeous and catch the eye of all the misters,
Happy 40 Sister