Yes, we know you can buy birthday cards and invitations from lots of places, but sometimes it’s challenging to find something unique Here are some great places for birthday cards and invitations listed below. And with the popularity of email and FaceBook, we’ve included some fantastic resources for birthday cards and wishes for those places as well.

Paper Birthday Cards

Looking for a wide variety of birthday cards? These are fantastic. Imagine how pleased the birthday guy or gal will feel receiving a birthday greeting like this one.  You will find a large selection of different and unique cards to enclose with a gift, send through the mail, or give to a treasured coworker.

birthday cards redstamp

Personalized Birthday Cards

Personalized birthday cards are fantastic. They are easy, save time because there is no trip to the store, and save money. And if you find one of those cards that touches and heart and makes you cry, you won’t be embarrassed because you won’t be at the store.

200x200_Birthday Greeting Cards


Birthday Email Cards

Birthday email cards are very popular. They are fast and easy. Simply find your favorite 40th birthday sayings from our site, add the message to your ecard, hit send, and Voila! These cards from are often favorite cards that are used to wish someone Happy Birthday on Facebook.

birthday email cards

Post Birthday Greetings to your Facebook friends