Birthday Poems

by 40th Birthday Sayings
birthday poems

When you need a little more than Happy Birthday or short birthday wishes, birthday poems can work beautifully.  They are a quick and easy idea for both cards and invitations. Depending on which one you use; a heartfelt verse or a funny rhyme, poems add substance and personalization.  They can set a theme or a tone for party.  Or they can simply let the person know you care and took the time the find the right words. Here is a compilation of some of our favorite poems and verses.

(Please note:  many of the 40th birthday sayings and poems are all original copy written material.  Feel free to use them for personal, non-commercial purposes only.  If you wish to use the birthday sentiments, sayings, poems on your website, blog, domain, group emails or for commercial purposes, please contact us for permission. Thank you for helping us to protect the originality and the creative imaginations of our writers.)

Welcome To The Club

Happy Birthday You’re 40
Wrinkles, gray hair, but oh so sporty
Welcome to the club called 40.

Who Knew?
Mow, mow, mow your nose,
Shave, shave, shave your toes,
Why it happens, I just don’t know.
Just laugh and let it go.
Who knew that turning 40 makes hair grow in weird places.

It’s Not So Bad
Dip your toe into the big 4 0.
It’s not so bad, if there’s a good plastic surgeon you know.

All Grown Up
Happy Birthday You’re 40!
You’ve grown up and are no longer dorky.
As a kid you were really messy and warty.
And now, you are quite sporty.
Wishing you the best as you turn 40.

You Are Beautiful Mom!
Happy Birthday Mom.
Because of me, you had to prevent stretch marks with cocoa butter and coconut palm.
You are so beautiful Mom.
You only need a smile and lip balm.
I’m so glad Dad invited you to the prom.
Then you dated, got married, had me, and are still going strong.
I love you and Happy Birthday Mom.

You Still Got It Mom!
You still got it Mom.
Watch out for the peeping toms.
Cause you don’t need any Botox, just lip balm.
Happy Birthday – I’m so glad you are my Mom.

Happy Hello
Happy 40 and hello, hello.
Now that you’re older, glad you have lots of dough
instead of being ‘po.
You are as beautiful as new fallen fresh snow.
So what, you’re 40 – let it go, let it go.

You’re 40, Oh No
You’re 40, oh no!
Look out below.
You’re body will start sagging from head to toe.
As your older sister, I already know.
But a little Botox, can fix the feet called crows.
In spite of it all and even though,
I’ll always love my little yo.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Big Sister
To my older Sister,
You have always shown me the way.
Thank you.
You tested the waters first with Mom and Dad.
Thank you.
Helped me to navigate with what I could get away with.
Thank you.
And simply, you have always been there for me.
Thank you and I love you.
Happy Birthday Big Sister.

My Favorite A-Lister
My birthday messages for Sister,
You are my favorite A-lister,
Too bad the Jimmy Choos give you blisters,
You’re still gorgeous and catch the eye of all the misters,
Happy 40 Sister

You’re My Favorite
Birthday greetings for Brother,
You are my favorite other,
But please don’t tell Mother,
Happy Birthday Brother.  

Happy 40 Bro
Happy 40 Bro
Now that you’re older, glad you have lots of dough
instead of being ‘po
You certainly did grow
Into such a nice Joe
Happy, Happy Birthday to my friend and my Bro.

Poems For Birthday Invitations

Mike McDaniel is turning 40.
As a kid he was in the minority.
He was so quiet and such a shorty.
And his laugh was so snorty.
But with his gray hair at 40.
He is now with us in the majority.
Help us welcome him to the over the hill club we now call Sporty.

Who knew that turning 40 makes hair grow in weird places.
We are having a spa party to celebrate Laurie Johnson’s 40th birthday.
Bring your best diva beauty secrets.

Yo, Ho, Ho, Ho It’s over the hill for me. Come party with me on Sat, June 5th

Call the fire department
Mike Reyer will be blowing out 40 candles on May 5th

Attention Gang:  Mike is firing up the grill,
Because our buddy Dave is Over-The-Hill,
He now needs ice packs and that special hair pill,
Come join us for the fun and the beer that’s on chill.

Attention Girls:
Yes, party we will,
Because our friend Candy is Over-The-Hill,
It’s a spa party and the gift is something called a wax from Brazil,
We’ve heard this spa treatment can cause quite a chill,
To offset the pain, chocolate martinis will be distilled,
Save the date and get ready for a thrill.

It’s a progressive birthday bar hop and dinner,
Wear your dressed-to-kill best to party like sinners,
Don’t forget your Spanx to make you look thinner,
Come help us make Mindy’s 40th birthday a winner.

It’s a Scavenger party because Mary is Forty,
Running shoes required, the event will be sporty.

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