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Funny Birthday Poems For Mom

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Looking for funny birthday poems for Mom?  Here are a couple birthday poems that rhyme.  Sometimes you may want an easy breezy birthday message for  your Mom.  These are light and silly.

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You Are Beautiful Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom.
Because of me, you had to prevent stretch marks with cocoa butter and coconut palm.
You are so beautiful Mom.
You only need a smile and lip balm.
I’m so glad Dad invited you to the prom.
Then you dated, got married, had me, and are still going strong.
I love you and Happy Birthday Mom.

Surprise your Mom with a birthday poem in a scrapbook.  Continue reading for more poems and birthday sayings ideas:

You Still Got It Mom!

You still got it Mom.
Watch out for the peeping toms.
Cause you don’t need any Botox, just lip balm.
Happy Birthday – I’m so glad you are my Mom.

I Love My Mom!

I love my Mom.
She is so calm.
She is so beautiful – she’s the bomb.
She’s so funny she could have her own sitcom.
I’m glad you married my Dad, Tom.
Happy 40th Birthday Mom.

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