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Birthday sayings and quotes are perfect words to write in a birthday card? And they are the words you can say to someone for their 40th to make them feel special? We have some great ideas for you.

Visit The Quick List of 40th Birthday Sayings if you’re in a hurry. We’ve been there when we just needed a few quick examples of wording or inspiration to express how we feel and how to convey our feelings to the person turning forty. Our quotes and sayings are the perfect addition to a card, email, a tweet, Facebook, or Instagram. They can even spice up a birthday invitation.

You might be new to our site, so we wanted to help make it easy to for you to find your way around. If you have more time to explore?  Here are some other things you can find on our site to make someone feel special on their day or to plan a birthday party.

Birthday Invitations

Are you planning a party?  We created a page that is a resource for 40th birthday invitations to help show some ideas on possible themes, colors, styles for men, women, etc.  A 40th birthday is considered a milestone so there are many great options to create a fun and memorable celebration.  To get to the 40th birthday invitation resource page we made, click here.

Birthday sayings are an easy way to jazz up an invite.  There are two great ways to handle what wording you want to put on the invitation. 
The first method is to have a title at the top of the page that is either written or printed  that says something like:  birthday invitation

A Birthday Party in honor of ________________.


Lordy, Lordy – Look Who’s Forty
Please join us to celebrate

Then the rest of the invitation has the usual particulars to tell everyone when the event is scheduled to take place such as:

Date:  ________________________________________________
Time:  ________________________________________________
Place:  _______________________________________________
RSVP:  _______________________________________________

The second method is is to personalize the invitation with a memorable sentiment or rhyme.  Here’s an example:

Attention Gang:
Mike is firing up the grill,
Because our buddy Dave is Over-The-Hill,
He now needs ice packs and that special hair pill,
Come join us for the fun
and For the beer that’s on chill.

We put together a couple of posts with birthday party invitation wording for inspiration.  Some are very short sentiments and others are rhymes.  For ideas on wording, click here to view the posts.

Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

Putting together a party is so much easier and faster now with access to stores on the internet.  You can find plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, cups, with matching table cloths, banners and balloons.

Depending on how many balloons you buy, you can decide how you want to fill them.  Most people choose either regular air or helium.  If you choose helium so that your balloons will float, you can purchase a small tank from either a local party store like Party City or even order it from Amazon. 

Helium Tank

  • The helium tank volume is considered 14.9 cubic foot.  The tank will fill approximately 50 latex balloons measuring 9 inches or 20 mylar balloons that are around 18″ in size.  Here’s an example of a small helium tank on Amazon. 
    Click here to check the price.

Electric Air Balloon Inflator

Another option for you is to fill balloons is with air.  You can enlist your friends and have everyone blow into the balloons to inflate and make them all dizzy.  Or, a much easier and faster way is to use an electric balloon inflator that pumps warm air into the balloon.  This is an excellent option to fill a large quantity of balloons.  Keep in mind though that you cannot use helium in this type of machine so balloons filled with regular air are not going to float like a helium filled balloon would.  

  • You can pick up an electric balloon inflator also at your local party store like Party City or even order it from Amazon.  Click here to check the current price.

Party Favors and Specialized Decorations

Party favors add a special extra touch, make the party presentation look beautiful, and gives your guests something fun to take home with them to remember the occasion.  We found a resource that has kinds of party favors to personal your event.  These items will make your party look like “Pinterest picture perfect”.  Because of our source, you now you know the secret in how to put the razzle dazzle in your party’s presentation.  Your friends will wonder how you did it.  Shhh, your secret’s safe with us.  Here’s the great resource for 40th party favors we wanted to share with you.  This link with take you to a website called Beau-Coup.

Creative Ways to Personalize a 40th Birthday

One of our most favorite ways to make someone feel special on their day is to create a memory photo book.  Here are some easy ways to do this:

  1. You can easily capture memories using a photo album and just insert lots of pictures within the pockets.  Leave some of the pocket spaces open and instead of a photo, place a blank note card in the sleeve.  You can write a personalized note like Remember when we did this together . . . what a great day that was.  You can also have an album like this ready to go for a birthday party.  By placing blank note cards in the sleeves, you can invite your guests to write “Happy Birthday wishes” or thoughts like “Remember when we did this together.”   The blank cards are also the perfect location to add birthday sayings, quotes,  and sentiments.

    Here is an example of a easy photo album where you can put a combination of developed photos and white notecards or colorful polka dot edged notecards.  Each of these links will take you to Amazon.

  2. Another way is to go online to Costco.com  Here you can create a custom photo book where you upload your favorite digital photos and personalize each page.  Once you are happy with the memory book you have created, you can order a hardbound book.  These make a wonderful gift that the birthday person will treasure.
  3. Get a digital photo frame.  You can display thousands of memories including both photos and videos.  It can easily be set up using a USB device or a SD card memory card.  Here is a popular one available at Amazon.  Click here to check the price. 

Birthday Cards

We don’t know if you have found this to be true, but when we went looking for 40th birthday cards at our local store, the selection was not only slim but we might even say it was super skinny.  It was a choice of two or three cards.  There were lots of regular birthday cards but only a handful for a 40th.

So we went searching for a resource with a wide selection of birthday cards.  We found many great option so we created a couple of post pages of just 40th birthday cards so that you could scan cards quickly and choose a favorite. We love these cards because the large selection makes it so easy to choose something as is or you can personalize it.  From there you can pay for the card and postage and they will mail the card for you.  It is so simple.

Click on over to our card posts category to look through the many choices if you need a card.

DIY Birthday Cards

Awhile back, we stumbled on a fun way to make simple DIY birthday cards.  We loved the idea because we could take a block of time while watching a movie and make a handful of handmade cards to always have available.  What caught our eye was the heat embossing technique.  If making a handmade card is of interest to you, click on over to a post we made that shows how to do heat embossing.

As promised, drumroll please, here’s our quick list of sayings to celebrate the 40th milestone.

The Quick List of 40th Birthday Sayings

The grass is green, the sky is blue.
Happy 40th Birthday to you.

Lordy, lordy, look at who’s 40.

Welcome to a new decade.  40 is the new 30.

Objects in the mirror are not older than they appear.
~ Unknown

Treat yourself like a Queen!

Treat yourself like a King!

RIP 39!

May your 40th birthday thrill you on all levels.

After 40, a body has a mind of its own.

40?  Oh geez! You are halfway to 80.

Happy 40? Or is it happy 39 forever?

The only time when you live fully is between the ages of thirty to sixty.
The young are slaves to their dreams,
The old are servants of regrets.
Only the middle aged have all of their five senses in keeping of their wits.

At forty, you discover you are more and more like your parents
than you ever care to admit.

The best years of a woman’s life – the ten years between 39 and 40.
~ Unknown

Middle age is when you still believe you’ll feel better in the morning.
~ Bob Hope

40th birthday sayings

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.
~ English Proverb

Do you need more ideas for birthday sayings and phrases you can use for birthday cards, social media greetings and email?  Continue on with the links below.

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