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Birthday Verses For Cards

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Choose from a selection of birthday verses for cards.  Whether its funny birthday poems or a simple Happy Birthday, a handwritten sentiment helps to make someone feel special on their day.

Another candle,
Another cake.
Happy 40th Birthday is great.

May all your hopes and dreams come true,
And your future be filled with happiness too.
Happy Birthday to you.

 At 40, you’re not getting older,
Just more distinguished!

Today on your birthday,
Enjoy spending your 1,440 precious moments,
Because they go quickly.

May all your dreams come true,
Hope you get some really great presents too.

Happy Birthday!

May your 40th birthday bring
You as much happiness and joy
As you give to everyone
Who knows you.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Signs and Lawn Decorations To Surprise Someone On Their 40th Birthday.
The link will take you to our 40th Birthday Store.

Birthday Tip:

A great way to surprise someone on their 40th birthday is to create a birthday sign and place it in their front yard.  You can have a banner made that can be put on a fence or you can buy premade lawn decorations to announce their 40th birthday.  There are simple decorations that have the number 40 and other ones that have cupcakes and balloons.  If you want to tease the birthday person, there are lawn decorations that say fun things.  Here’s an example:

  • “Noticed a Few Gray Hares – Happy 40th Birthday”.
    The lawn decorations are gray rabbits (hares) and a
    birthday sign.

To help our website visitors; like youself, find ways to honor someone on their 40th birthday, we built an ecommerce store to provide those products to fulfill those wishes.  To explore how you might try the birthday tip, Click Here To See The Birthday Signs and Lawn Decorations  to surprise someone on their 40th Birthday.

We love:

  • the rabbit signs (hares)
  • the beer mugs
  • the number 40 signs.

This is your birthday song,
It isn’t very long.

May lovely surprises,
Come your way
To make your
40th birthday
An extraordinary day.

So many candles,
So little cake.

Eat as much cake as you can today.
Happy Birthday

Count your blessings by moments,
not years.

Another year,
Another race,
Another place,
The body aches.

May this birthday be light and easy.

Sing a song of birthdays,
Full of fun and cheer,
May you keep on having them,
For many, many happy years.

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