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40th Birthday Party Favors With Flair

by 40th Birthday Sayings
40th birthday party favors

gold ball As part of the birthday celebration, unique 40th birthday party favors can tie the theme all together.  The perfect birthday invitations with the perfect wording, the decorations, the gifts, the toast, and all of the birthday cards expressing meaningful sentiments.

In planning the best 40th milestone birthday, here are some birthday favor possibilities depending on your theme.

Clear Favor Boxes

These are very versatile.  They can hold a fortune cookie as seen, candy, a candle votive or whatever you can think of.  Tie with a happy birthday ribbon for the finishing touch.


Cocktail Infusion Favors

Perfect favor for a birthday party where there is a signature drink.  It presents well in both the glass and as a decoration next to the cocktails.


Glass Favor Tubes

This is a great universal favor for a 40th birthday where all ages of people are invited.


Personalized Cocktail Mix – Birthday Party Favors

A unique birthday favor for adult parties.  This is a fun easy favor that requires no specific party theme.  a simple Happy birthday party will do.


Birthday Party Breath Mint Candy Rolls

Another great favor that works well for a party where you have all types and ages of people.  It can nicely tie in with the colors of the event.

Another idea on how to use this favor is in an office setting.  This is a nice neutral favor that can be given to employees for a co-worker’s milestone birthday.


Personalized Birthday Party Tea Bags

This is one of our favorite favors for a birthday because they are fun and colorful.  They work nicely with a ladies tea party theme or a regular Happy Birthday party.


Personalized Color Satin Birthday Favor Bag

This favor bag adds an elegant touch the to a 40th over-the-hill birthday event.  You can choose from a variety of colors.


Cocktail Lip Balms

These are simply fun because of the flavors.  These are a fantastic favor for a spa themed party.


Personalized Birthday Golf Ball

Is your birthday person a golf fan?  Favors generally tend to be a regular item for women’s parties.  The golf ball favor is a hit with the guys.


Personalized Birthday Candy Bags

This works nicely in a variety of ways.

  • You can fill them yourselves with a favorite candy.
  • You might consider choosing a retro candy that highlights that this person dates back to when a certain candy was popular.   Guests of the same age will enjoy the remembrance to the past.
  • You might set up a candy bar at the party where guests can fill their own bag.


Mini Palm Plant Favors

Simply fun.  Use the mini palm favor for a birthday beach theme, garden party or spring birthday party.


Personalized Birthday Chocolate Candy Bars

This is just a small sampling of the many birthday favors that can make a birthday memorable.  There are so many ideas that can be customized with special 40th birthday sayings to create the right feel for the right occasion.  For more ideas, browse this selection of
birthday party favors.


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