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40th Birthday Tea Party Favors

by 40th Birthday Sayings

A favorite birthday party for a woman turning forty is a Ladies Tea Party. It’s a chance for ladies to dress up, converse, enjoy tiny bites of decadent treats, and sip delicious tea all while celebrating the guest of honor. The event would not be complete without the proper tea party favors.

Tea Party Favors For a Beautiful 40th Birthday Tea Party

Personalized Birthday Party Tea Bags

Whole Leaf Tea Sachet Favors

Personalized Travel Birthday Tea Tin

Gourmet Tea Tins

Mini Teapot Tea Infuser

Mini Teapot Favors

Porcelain Tea Caddy Favors

Swish Handle Cup and Saucer Sets

Sweet as Can Bee” Mini Honey Pot Favors

Moss Table Decorations

Silver Plated Teapot Place Card Holders

Fleur-De-Lis Tea Light Holders

Mini Teacup Tealight Holder

Diamond Shaped Tea Light Holders

Mini White Teapot Timer

Personalized Tape Measure Favors

Personalized Birthday Party Honey Jars

Sweet as can Bee” Mini Personalized Honey Jars

Flavored Sugar Cubes

Flavored Tea Drops

Birthday Numbers Rice Krispy Treat

Mini Monogrammed Brownie Favor Pops

2-Tier Mini Hand Decorated Oreo Cookie Cake

Designer Cookies

Custom Printed Bulk Birthday Mints

Personalized Birthday Mini Mint Pack

Personalized Birthday Tic Tacs Favor

Personalized Birthday Life Saver Candies

Events such as these are many times designed to reflect grace, beauty and attention to fine details. This type of gathering is a lovely way to celebrate the lady of honor on her milestone birthday. For more unique tea party favors, feel free to explore.

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