Perfect Birthday Gift

by 40th Birthday Sayings

They will love this for a 40th birthday gift.  Bring back the wonderful memories of their youth.  Listening to music is like putting yourself into a birthday time machine.  Check out the great selection of songs.  What a great gift to give someone on their 40th. They will enjoy remembering a treasured time of their life.  I bet they will easily recall all of the words to the songs.

⇓Way To Say It – Birthday Tip:⇓

If you were friends with the birthday person during this time period.  See if you can find any old pictures of when you went to school dances when this music would have been played.  You can make a quick little photo album to include with the music cd’s.  Another simple idea is to find just one picture of you two dressed up for the dance and attach it to the outside of the wrapped birthday gift.

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