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40th Birthday Invitations for The Big 40

by 40th Birthday Sayings

It’s coming. Here’s the place to start looking for great 40th birthday invitations. If you have decided on your invitation wording, then you are ready to choose the perfect invite. We found some resources for you to help get you started.  To help get you started, consider a few items.

  • Is your party more formal or casual?
  • Do you have a theme?
  • What style of invitation do you prefer?  Notecard or flat style, greeting card style, personalized photo style, etc?

Do you want your invitation to coordinate or match your party theme?  For ideas on coordinating a 40th birthday party with your invitations, we created a store section on our site to make life easy.  When you click on 40th Birthday Theme Collections, the link will take to a selection of themes we created including invitations, party goods, and decorations.  Everything has been curated from Amazon to help you get started with ideas or simply choose the items you like to create an easy and beautiful celebration.

Classic Invitation Styles

If you don’t have your wording yet for the invitation, that’s okay.  Sometimes it is helpful to look at examples of what’s available so that you can plan your theme, colors, decorations, big or small party, for a man or woman, etc.  Many invite styles are a notecard layout or look and feel.  This means that when you open the envelope, it is a flat card with the details either hand written or printed on one side.

We found some great ideas on Amazon.  Click on 40th birthday invitations to check our your options and prices.

Greeting Card Style Invitations

We wanted to provide you with multiple resources so that you can find the perfect invitation.   There is another style available that is more like a greeting card look and feel.  This style gives the impression of a more casual style of party and can set the tone perfectly.  A small selection of invitations below give you examples of this style. 

To see many more examples, click this link. The link will take you to Greeting Card Universe where you can learn more on prices and how to personalize the invitations.

Personalized Photo Invitations

Sometimes you want to go all out and really personalize the invitation. Perhaps you want to feature a favorite photo that will make your birthday person feel so special.  Many popular 40th photo invitations are those with the birthday person’s current picture or when they were a child.  You can also never go wrong with the invite that has a big 40 on the front.

40th birthday photo invite

An example of a great 40th birthday invite is like the picture above. It shows both a picture and a large 40. It’s modern appearance sets the stage for the birthday celebration. Consider if you will be printing the invitation to be set through the mail, sending by email or posting on Facebook. 

We have two great resources for you for photo type birthday invitations:

The first is the Smilebox Invitation Maker.    This is an online website where you can create your own 40th birthday invitations.  We love this because you can easily select from many choices, upload a photo of the birthday person you are honoring and personalize the details around the event.  The choices are very clean, fresh and modern.  The company also provides you  with a selection of delivery methods to make your job easy to get the invitations to your guests.  To create a personalized invitation at Smilebox, Check it out!

The second resource for photo invitations is Greeting Card Universe.  This is a a card style invite compared to to a flat style.  We love this resource also because it is simple to personalize and provides a more casual selection of invites.  To see a quick glimpse of some the photo invites that are a card style, view the grid below.  

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