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40th Birthday Party Invitations

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Choosing the right 40th birthday party invitations is essential to setting the tone and creating lasting memory.  It’s a unique milestone.  You are not really as young and carefree yet you are not exactly old.  It’s that magical in between time.  So in designing a birthday event to remember, browse through the following resources to find the perfect invitation for the perfect party.

In planning the overall feel of the party, be sure to visit our birthday party invitation wording ideas area to coordinate the sentiments with the look and feel of the invite.

Cool Colors:  Blank Paper and Envelopes DIY Birthday Invites

Envelopes for every occasion

Choose Your Own Colors and Sizes

If you want to make DIY invitations, check out these blank paper choices with really unique colors.   They have wonderful note cards and circle cards where you can let your imagination run wild.  Who was it that said birthdays have to have the standard colors?  Not us.  Venture into the fun zone with these cool colors.

40th Birthday Party Invitation Resources

Card Style
Greeting Card
Paper Sourceyesyesyesnoyesnono

Birthday Invitations Available at Amazon

General Birthday Invitations – there are a wide variety of birthday invitations available at Amazon. There are many choices available: General, 40th, photo, handmade, notecard style, and greeting card style.

You have a wide range of options because in addition to preprinted fill in the blank invites, you can now find handmade birthday invitation options. What’s great about this is that you now have the best of both. If you are buying the fill in the blank invite whether notecard or greeting card style, you can easily order and quickly receive the invitations. The downside though is that you will need to hand write all of the party details onto the invite.

Now with the handmade option, you have personalization options as well as some very beautiful choices.

We are excited that Amazon now has great birthday invitations for a 40th birthday party. One of our goals has always been to provide great 40th birthday sayings for cards and invitations. Yes, words to say and ways to say them. Another goal was to provide ideas that would make it easy to pull together a birthday party or celebration. To do that we curated specific products from Amazon to create coordinated collections. Click on 40th Birthday Theme Collections which will take you to our store to see all of the collections curated in a variety of colors for men and women.

To see the collection of birthday invitations, click here and the link will take you to our store on this website.

If you want to just look around for ideas, here is the link to our store on our website.

If you see something that you like in our store, add it to the cart. When you are ready to buy, you will be redirected to Amazon for your review and purchase.

Online, Email, and Note Card Style Birthday Invitations Available at Smilebox

Smilebox is a great option to create online invitations that are sent through email, can be posted on Facebook and Twitter or can be ordered as a cardstock invitation. This is a fantastic resource using their birthday invitation maker.

You simply set up a free account that gives you the option to create unlimited designs or creations. Depending on how many you plan to invite will depend if you need a free plan or a paid plan. You can send invitations up to 10 email guests on the basic free plan or up to 500 email guests on the paid plan. If you decide on a paid plan, you can decide to pay annually and they will give you a discount. Or you can set up a monthly plan that can be more easily canceled if you no longer need the invitation maker. If you will be using the invitation maker to send email invites, it will keep track of RSVP’s for you.

When you first set up your invitation, it is not clear that the invitation can be made as a note card style paper invitation. After you create your invitation and the screen gives you the option to share by email, the continue button will take you to another screen. There is an option there to order prints. Delivery is only available in the United States and Canada. You can choose premium cardstock or photo paper and a glossy or matte finish. Envelopes are included. Once you are happy with your selections, hit continue. You will be taken to a checkout page to order your cardstock invitations.

*In the grid, we referenced the online invitations category as a hybrid. These invitations can be personalized and sent online to email addresses and the RSVP’s are tracked. You also have the option to personalize but Smilebox does not have the option upload physical addresses where the company would mail them for you. You essentially personalize the invites, have them printed, and mailed to you as a product order. Then you personally would handle addressing and mailing the invitations.

40th birthday photo invite

If you are interested in exploring the SmileBox Invitation Maker, click here and the link will take you to their website.

Birthday Invitations From Greeting Card Universe

If you are looking for invitations with a huge selection, click here and the click will take you to Greeting Card Universe. And Universe it is. Last time we counted, we saw over 250 invitations for a 40th birthday.

We love this resource because of its tremendously large collection of invites and how easy it is to personalize or choose as is. Generally speaking, the inside text is preprinted and you can hand write the party details inside the invite yourself. Or if you prefer, you can personalize it online first with the party details, you can add a top message and also a closing message. It’s completely up to you. You can even upload an image if you wish. Your next step is to select your card finish in either matte or glossy. Then choose if you want the back of the invite to be standard or simple.

The delivery options are the ones we like the best:

  • Mail directly to someone else. This is so easy and saves so much time.
  • Mail with blank envelopes. This way you can address the envelopes yourself for a personal touch.
  • In-store pickup. You can pick up invites generally same day at store near you. Choose selected location.
  • Import addresses and they will mail them for you. This option is like having your own personal assistant.

*In the grid, we referenced online invitations as a hybrid. To clarify, these are online invitations that can be personalized and mailed through the physical mail system. They are not online email invitations where RSVP’s are tracked.

Birthday Invitations Available From Paper Source

Paper Source is the other resource we like. Their selection is smaller but the invites are beautiful. They are the more customary format of invitation where you chose the style, personalize them, have them printed and mailed to you as an order. From here you would hand address your envelopes and mail them out through the physical mail postal service.

The other thing we like about Paper source is that they have craft tools like markers to hand letter an envelope. Or perhaps you want to heat emboss something on the outside of the envelope to make it look interesting and unique. For details on how to do heat embossing, check out this post we wrote on our site that describes the process and what tools you would need.

To see the various birthday invitations available at Paper Source, click this link that will take you to their website.

We hope that you find these resources helpful in creating a memorable birthday celebration.

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