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How To Personalize The Birthday Gift Wrap

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Here’s a cool way to say Happy Birthday.  Sometimes simplicity is the best choice. Check out these birthday sayings gift wrap supplies that simply express your wish.

Sometimes people like to personalize their giftwrap with their own name or their family’s name. Some examples would be:

  • Something Special from the Armstrongs.
  •  Happy Birthday from Lauren
  •  Something Cool from Mary
  •  It’s Your Day from Pat
  •  From The Burke Family

Personalized Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper

If you will be wrapping several gifts to the same person, you might consider personalizing a roll just for them.  Some examples are:

  • To Our Special Daughter Laurie
  •  Happy Birthday Mark
  •  We Love You Catherine
  •  To our Wonderful Son Jim
  •  Today is Your Day Jarrod
  •  Hugs and Kisses to Nancy

Personalized Ribbon

Another popular idea is to personalize the ribbon with a birthday sentiment.  These are some simple sayings that add a special touch.

  • Dream Big On Your Birthday
  •  Make A Big Wish
  •  Happy 40th Birthday
  •  Have a Magical Birthday
  •  With Love To You
  •  You Deserve The Best

Personalized Ribbon – Double-Faced Satin

Some additional ideas for the personalized ribbon could be to:

  • Tie a ribbon around favor boxes
  •  Place a strip of ribbon across a party napkin
  •  Hole punch the name placecards and tie the ribbon in the corner
  •  Tie ribbon around individual ballons or a cluster of balloons
  •  Tie a ribbon around champagne or wine glasses