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Birthday Party Invitation Wording

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Looking for 40th birthday party invitation wording?   Consider the theme and design style you’ll be using for the celebration.  Will you be announcing the birthday party with an email invitation, posting it to facebook or a personal blog?  This fantastic birthday invitation resource can help you to create a very personalized way to get the word out on the party.  Here are some great wording ideas below to get you started in designing the utlimate invite.

Bring the wine
Bring the beer
We are celebrating
Jim Lang’s 40th birthday year

Lordy, Lordy
Look Who’s Forty!

Come join us for Mary Wilder’s
big 40 celebration.

Mike McDaniel is turning 40.
As a kid he was in the minority.
He was so quiet and such a shorty.
And his laugh was so snorty.
But with his gray hair at 40.
He is now with us in the majority.
Help us welcome him to the over the hill club we now call Sporty.

Fantastic Birthday Party Invitations

40th birthday party invitation

The right birthday party invite wording along with a fun party invitation can set the tone for your celebration.  Choose a theme that best suits the type of party you wil be having.  There is a great selection of surprise parties,  general birthday celebrations, and specific 40th birthday invitations.

Oh, Oh, Oh.
Doug Jensen is turning the big 4 0.

Mow, mow, mow your nose,
Shave, shave, shave your toes,
Why it happens, we don’t know.
Just laugh and let it go.

 Who knew that turning 40 makes hair grow in weird places.
We are having a spa party to celebrate Laurie Johnson’s 40th birthday.
Bring your best Vixen beauty secrets.

Yo, Ho, Ho, Ho
It’s over the hill for me.
Come party with me
on Sat, June 5th

Raise your glass
Join us in honoring
Mary Fiore for her big 40

Call the fire department
Mike Reyer will be blowing out
40 candles on May 5th

Birthday Invitations

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