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Birthday Phrases For Friends

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Need some birthday phrases for friends?  Our friends help us navigate through life through the ups and down.  Celebrate your friendships with special birthday wishes.

Try This

Surprise your friend by adding your favorite birthday phrases to scrapbooks and slideshows for the perfect birthday greeting or gift.  It’s a fun way to wish someone a happy birthday by sending it to them by email, posting it to Facebook or a personal blog.  Or burn it to a DVD for a treasured gift that will make their day.

Here a some phrases and sayings to help get you started.

Popular Birthday Phrases

Happy Birthday my good friend.  I hope that your 40th birthday brings you everything you like.

Dear friend – You do 40 well.

I hope your 40th birthday is filled with sunshine and lollipops.  You are a sweet friend.

You’ve got it.  Wishing you a 40th birthday that fits your style.

My birthday sentiments for you my special friend.  Treasure your 40th day as much as I treasure our friendship.

Time flies when you’re looking good and feeling great.  Here to 40’s more.

Dude, Happy Birthday!  May your next 40 be as much fun as the first 40.

You are my thoughtful good friend.  I treasure our friendship.  Wishing you a special day.

You are a guy in a league of your own.  Happy 40th Birthday.

Your 40 is the new 30.  You look fabulous on your special day.

Our friendship is like a fine wine:  aged to perfection.  Happy 40th Birthday my treasured friend.

Hey girlfriend – you rock!  40 looks good on you.

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