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Make It Pop With Birthday Embossing Tools

by 40th Birthday Sayings
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Make it Pop with Birthday Stamps Embossing Tools.

Super Cool Tool!

Here’s a fantastic way to dress up birthday cards, invitations, gift tags, cupcake toppers, tie one around a wine bottle as a gift, make napkin decorations, or whatever else you can think of.

It’s a simple and fun process.  Watch the how to video below to learn how to do heat embossing.

Dress Up A Store Bought Birthday Card

I love to do this when I am giving a store-bought card.  I simple glue or tape a previously made heat embossed Happy Birthday stamp impression and use it as an envelope seal.  It ‘s that extra touch that makes the store-bought card fancy.

I usually like to heat emboss about 20 to 25 cards at a time; so that when it’s time to send or give a card, I just choose which one I want to go with the envelope.   It is so easy to do and so unexpected by the person receiving it.  Remember the days of the wax seals that gave card special look.  The heat embossed envelope is another cool technique to see coming through the mail on the envelope.  This is an excellent addition with a similar look and feel.

Heat Embossing Is Not Just For Card Making

Since I have so many heat embossed happy birthdays stamps on hand, I also use them to dress up a gift.  For instance, take one of your embossed items, hole punch a corner, place a ribbon through the hole, and tie it onto a wine or champagne bottle.  I have been known do this with a 6-pack of craft beer for the guy that love specialty beer.  It’s a simple gift with a personal, thoughtful touch.

What Tools and Supplies Do You Need for Heat Embossing?

Here are some of the basic tools you will need for heat embossing your birthday stamp impressions.

  • Versamark clear ink
  • Embossing powder – gold and silver are classic – especially the metallic.
  • Embossing anti-static bag (swish powder on paper before Versamark)
  • Embossing heat tool
  • Clear stamping blocks
  • Clear photopolymer stamps (attach stamps to clear stamping block)
  • Stamp cleaner (spray stamp and rub onto microfiber towel to clean)

Check out the tools to get you started and explore a sampling of birthday stamps and embossing powders.  Visit our
Birthday DIY section in our 40th Birthday Store.

Heat Embossing Tool

Now that you know how to heat emboss, here is a short video about a heat tool that we have had success with in creating our projects.  It offers two heat settings and is easy to hold in your hand.  We like this particular tool because it provides a strong heat to melt the embossing powder and there is no plastic around the metal tip.  We had a different type of heat tool that unfortunately ended up melting the plastic onto the metal tip.

Invest in the Clear Stamp Blocks with Grid Lines

It’s worth investing in the clear stamps blocks because it makes it easier to see where you are stamping.  The video shows a wood block for stamping and they are wonderful, but sometimes difficult to see where your image will stamp.  If you are just getting started, it is so much easier to be able to line up your stamp on the grid line on the block and then see where you are stamping onto the paper.

When you are getting to the heat embossing step, first put a piece of folded paper like printer paper underneath the card you just stamped with Versamark.  You can use this folded piece of paper instead of the blue tray.  After you sprinkle the powder onto the Versamarked image, it is easy to just funnel or pour the extra powder back into the container. 

A Good Stamp Cleaner Will Clean And Condition Your Stamps
For A Long Life

I love this stamp cleaner to remove the clear, sticky Versamark ink from stamps.  There is a link to the stamp cleaner in the supply list below. The first time I started playing with Versamark and other inks, I didn’t realize how important it was to always clean your stamps.  So that you can switch between different colors of inks and always have clear, crisp impressions – take the time to clean your stamps.  Your completed projects will reflect the difference.  This will also keep your inks pad clean and your stamps in great condition for a long, useful life.

DIY Birthday Cards

To make your own birthday card, add these couple of supplies to your list:

Photopolymer Number Stamp for 40
The number stamp gives you the ability to stamp the number 40 on the front of the folded card or on the outside of the envelope.

White Folded Cards and Envelopes
Normally cardmakers will buy 8 1/2″ x 11″ and cut the paper to the size they want.  The most common card size is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ which is called an A2 card size.  The link above for the white folded cards and envelopes is for an A2 size.  This is an easy way to explore cardmaking without the expense of purchasing sheets of page, a cutting tool, score board and bone folder.  If you find that you like stamping and heat embossing, cutting your own paper sizes is something you can take a look at later.  Our advice is to see if you enjoy the heat embossing process first using precut, folded cards and envelopes.

There is something known to crafters in the handmade cardmaking world, and that phrase is:

Stamping and heat embossing can be a gateway drug to all kinds of card making.

Yes, heat embossing is what got us.  We still love it to this day. I was looking for gift wrap paper one day in a store called Paper Source.  Someone was doing a demonstration of heat embossing flowers onto the front of a card.   I had never seen that done before where the powder melted before my eyes and left this beautiful raised floral image on the front of the card.  It was so simple, yet elegant.  My favorite look today is to melt gold or silver metallic embossing powder onto dark navy blue cardstock cards.   It is so rich and elegant.

Down the road you may find that you love making handmade cards by coloring those stamped heat embossed images with colored pencils and markers.  There are so many additional creative techniques to enjoy.

To shop for heat embossing supplies, head on over to our Birthday DIY section in the 40th Birthday Store.

Have Fun!

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