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Thoughtful Birthday Messages

by 40th Birthday Sayings

Looking for a simple way to express thoughtful birthday messages? Sometimes a birthday card is not enough or a birthday e card may be too impersonal depending on the person or the occasion. You might consider a birthday slideshow as a way to extend caring birthday sentiments.

Here are some cool possibilites to say Happy Birthday with a smile.

Birthday Slideshows Are Unique!

You can create a slideshow to wish someone a happy 40th birthday. If they are having a party, then take plenty of pictures of the event and then easily assemble a slideshow of the big celebration for them to enjoy afterwards.  An after the party slideshow can be a fantastic way to extend their special day and show them how much they are loved and appreciated.

Another way to send thoughtful birthday messages is to create a birthday slideshow teaser.  Simply  put together photos and messages that are clues to what will happen on their big day but without revealing the exact plans.  Your birthday special someone will love guessing what will happen on their day making turning 40 so much easier.

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